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My Story

A Passion For Tattooing

I have a serious passion for art and have for as long as I can remember!  That passion took me through my college years.  I graduated with honors from Florida Atlantic University with a degree in Sculpture.  I can still hear the collective, "What are you going to do with that?" from my loved ones.  But hey, you like what you like!  After nurturing my love of sculpture, exhibiting my talent in art shows across South Florida, and entertaining new fields within the art realm, I landed myself in the tattoo industry- I've never looked back.

 Although I still draw and tattoo creatively, my focus has gone from tattoo shop to medical office, where I tattoo permanent makeup, perform microblading, and non-laser tattoo removal.  I've counseled clients on everything from life-changing tattooing decisions regarding scarring, blemishes, and disease to clients who don't want to put eyeliner on every day.  I'm fortunate that my freelance business  allows me to work with conventional tattoo shops, plastic surgeons, and salons of all kinds; running the gamut when it comes to clientele and what that clientele is looking for.

My goal is to help you realize your goal when it comes to tattooing.  Check out my portfolio and reach out!  I'd love to meet you! 

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